In all honesty, my new year started off bad. Hellish. In a nutshell. Someone ranted to me and about me for a couple of hours. They took a situation that I had ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with and blamed me for it. Turned that into me condoning, aiding and abetting someone else’s behavior and possible future actions. I did not say one word in response to this person. This apparently is an argument escalator because they just went on and on.

My biggest dilemma in all this was keeping my mouth closed. Not answering the absurdity. It was hurtful and I was angry but I held it in.  What I noticed is I felt like I had been punched in the heart. My day was spent wondering how I would get this person away from me. I love them but I want to be away from me and safe.

So what do you do when a loved one,  whether it’s a significant other or relative brings chaos into your life? How much of someone else’s bs is too much? When is forgiveness and trying again NOT an option? When is it abuse? Have you ever just stood for too much from someone else and don’t know how to get away from it?

Unfortunately, these types of situations are common. They are not exclusive to the disabled community. My mind wonders how many of us are in relationships we don’t want to be in out of fear that there is nothing better out there for us.

Please join me and Ms. V as we talk about abuse on a very special edition of GIRL TALK. GIRL TALK airs on the second Monday of every month at 6pm EST.

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  1. It’s always abuse, and should never be tolerated whether from family or “friend”. One has so much to worry about that we cannot control. This abuse or “absurdity” can be confronted, and should be ignored. Life is so temporary, and one has no time for this. One needs more positive words, and you should move on in search of this.


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