Written By: *Queen T*

Does the Word Access-A-Ride make you see red and wanna pull out your hair? You are Not alone. Let me tell you about a recent experience I had with these “wonderful” people. As a lot of you know I go to the Axis Project on most Wednesdays and this is where our story begins. My pick up was scheduled for 9:20pm. I was ready. I’m ALWAYS ready  because AAR doesn’t like to wait. 9:20pm comes and goes. 10pm I call. They are 5 minutes away. Ok. 10:30pm I call again. “Oh, your ride is in the Bronx on the way to you after a drop-off. Estimated time of arrival is 11:05pm. We’ll give you a courtesy call when we get there”. Wait. Didn’t you guys just say ” 5 minutes” half an hour ago? OK. Whatever. I’m not alone so it’s not so bad. 1130pm I call again. “You’re driver was there at 1120pm. You were a no-show” Excuse me!?! I waited hours for you to say I was a no show!?!?!?! At this point I was annoyed and tired and so was my trainer. They told me since I wasn’t outside I was considered a no-show. AAR wanted me to sit outside in the city at almost 12am…..right. they told me they would call in a few minutes for a replacement van. Mytrainer had to leave at 1130pm and they still hadn’t called me back so I called my hubster and he gave me directions to get home. I was already half way home when they called me for a 2:05am pick up. Mind you, my wheelchair lost 2 power bars, my phone was on 10%, and it was about 3am by the time I got home. I haven’t used them in a week. Friday we’re gonna try again. Hopefully they don’t screw me again.



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