Age ain’t nothin but a number

Does love have an age limit? .It’s  a pretty common belief that any feelings you have under the age of 21 shouldn’t be taken seriously. As a matter of fact people typically shrug it off as puppy love. Puppy love? what exactly does that mean? I’ve never seen puppies in love……..wait, we’ll discuss that another time. Still how do they explain the couples who’ve been together since elementary school and end up staying together throughout their lives? Are they saying little children don’t have the capacity to truly love? I say thats utter bullshit. I agree that people don’t usually find real love at 5 years old but its not impossible. Age doesn’t limit emotional rresponse so it should not limit love itself. what do you think?


One thought on “Age ain’t nothin but a number

  1. I do think feelings are real at all stages. But our lack of knowledge, wisdom and conseqience at such a young age leads those older than us to discount our feelings or take them seriously. The trusted adults sround us can usually figure out the outcome of our “crushes”

    When you look at the issue of love…adults have a difficult time with it too. It is my belief that “fall in love” with the parts of a person that we like while overlooking the undesirable parts. When repeated, undesirable behavior arises we become disillusioned.


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