Til death do us…..divorced?

Some of the most painful words a wife will ever hear is “I cheated and I’m not in love with you anymore”. After hearing this her life becomes a dark storm of emotions and self blame. “what did I do?” “can I fix it?” “whatever happened to for better or worse?” Granted it’s not like that for all people ….but it’s exactly what I’m feeling. I try not to vent here because blogs are for everyone but I feel connected to you guys. After 4 years he wants out and I don’t. I am definitely devastated but also am still fighting for my relationship. I believe I am his wife for a reason. He’s my Cory Matthews but I hope to be his Topanga one day. 


3 thoughts on “Til death do us…..divorced?

  1. I went through this pregnant in the hospital. My husband delivered that wonderful message to me while i was in the hospital having complications with our 3rd child. I had feelings of desperation and devastation because its not what i wanted. I wasn’t ready to give up on my family. There was another woman involved. A woman who seemed to be everything i wasn’t. We divorced 3 months after the birth of our child. I wish this had a happy ending that could uplift you. I hope it helps that someone knows sonewhat how you feel.
    If you ever need yo talk….


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