Kiss me at midnight 

Written By:*Queen T*

We live in a world of craziness. There are thousands of religions, superstitions, and traditional beliefs. For example, if you break a mirror it’s supposedly 7 years of bad luck. Let me tell you something people…..I had my doubts but lately I wonder if all those mirrors I broke as a child are finally catching up with me. Another bad luck sign is the whole black cat thing. poor misunderstood kitty. More interestingly is the New Year’s kiss, as I understand it is this: At midnight you kiss a person for good luck. Any random guy or girl as soon as the clock strikes 12am. Eww. I’m not saying this is wrong but why would I do some nonsense like that? Is “Good luck” worth touching lips with somebody you know nothing about? What do you think….? Will you be locking lips when the clock strikes 12???


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