MERCENAR E by Dustin Jones

I Am Woman. I am strong. I am a warrior. I am confident in everything that I do. I am a hired assassin. I possess talents and skills that many may have but, few can acquire as good as me. I am second to none. My weapon of choice is a pen and paper. With these weapons I can bring laughter. I could make you think. I could put a smile on your face and fear in your heart. I could lift you up and I can tear you down. I could be an Angel. I can be a Monster, a Destroyer taking down anything in it’s path. I am perfection. I am precision, always finding my mark within a blink of an eye. I can make you ask why, why am I so good why with this pen and paper? I’m always on point even when I don’t get the point. Why am I so great? Even when I get my assignments late, my ability to create, is your twist of fate. I don’t have a mate but, my ability to procreate in a city of 8 million reasons is why you should not hate. When I create your fate, I won’t be late to tell you to your face. I will never lie. What I see with my eyes and create all your mistakes that you bake and try to rake behind the plate and be fake. I will decimate when I create! You will be late & shake! Make no mistake! I am the LEGENDARY MERCENAR E!


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