I TREASURE PICTURES, they never change. The people may grow apart but the memory remains the same.  

I TREASURE MUSIC, the lyrics know just what to do.When you’re happy the rhythm is groovy, when you’re sad the lyrics speak to you.

I TREASURE THE RAINDROPS, they help my emotions hide. My tears blend in with them and no one notices that I’ve cried.

I TREASURE THE SILENCE even though sometimes it haunts me. When I feel alone at times it’s comforting.

I TREASURE MY MEMORIES that I’ve written in my journals and those that i have not.

The minor details that play like films at night in my head. The smells, the sights, the touches, The kisses the laughs the games the words the promises the taxes and all we left behind to yesterday. I’ll TREASURE THE YEARS we were together, when you were my soulmate. You’ve left a hollow hole in my soul but I’ll TREASURE what was once “OURS” anyways. 



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