A Queen T original

I close my door and park my chair to block it.

I pull the curtains so the sun can’t warm my face.

Turn off the lights and take in the sounds of silence.

I’m expecting my checks to be drenched in emotion very soon.

This is my usual after all.

I can never say it because I’m afraid to hurt myself.

The words burn my eyes and blurs the world around me.

Whispering “why can’t I just be happy? Be healthy? Be in love?”

But something different happens

Only a lone tear falls

And I’m numb

I feel nothing

Just a void where my heart once pumped

I’m out of tears I suppose

So I turn on the light and collect my art

Turn up the music and loose myself in my own world

Don’t need anything but the music and my art

It become infused

My life is in my works

My art is my emotion

My heart has disappeared


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