Always Her…

Written By Queen T

Why do we tend to blame her? Now, I’m not saying guys don’t do the same thing but I’m speaking from what I’ve seen and experienced.  Picture this if you Will, Evan and Tia (random couple) have been together for 3 years. They seem happy. Tia walks in on Evan having sex with Donna in their house. What is Tia most likely to do?

A. Join them (Hey some women are kinky like that)

B. Walk out crying while Evan tries to convince her it isn’t what it looks like.


C. Start cursing and trying to kill Donna while calling her all sorts of bitches and hoes?

Did you pick C? In most scenarios you would be right and that is sad. We tend to hate her but why? She’s not the one cheating on us, breaking that invisible contract relationships form. Yet we almost automatically blame “her”. The worst part is that no matter how many “hers” there are we blame them. Why dont we fix the obvious problem? Him. Hes the one cheating not her. Yes we get mad or feel hurt but we forgive him and fall into the same trap again. Is it because we don’t want to start over with someone new? We don’t want to be alone? We have precious little self esteem? Or….we “love” him? I learned in my last relationship that “she” wasn’t the problem…. I was. I let myself believe he was a good man because he always came back but, good men don’t step out on you  in the first place. 

What do you think? Why are women so quick to blame the other woman? 


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